Selenite Series 104

Selenite Series 104

SKU: EX614

Gypsum Crystal (Utah USA)

215 x 76 x 80mm  / 1500 grams

8.5 x 3 x 3.0625" / 3.3 pounds


Carnauba wax polish

  • About Selenite Series

    The Selenite Series was born in 2015 when Aaron had a vision to create crystalline based artworks from one of the most powerful & pure single mineral crystals on the planet; gypsum crystal (Selenite Ice).
    Aaron infused the crystal chips and powders into an art form blended with clean resins, inks and glow pigments. A collection of 100 (25 x 25 x 2cm) pieces was created over a 2 year span to create a grid around the planet, connecting each person with a piece from the series to each other, and to the specific area this crystal ethically and purposefully is collected on Mother Earth.
    In return, this series would create a grid ('net')