PURIFY Palo Santo

PURIFY Palo Santo

There is an undeniable beauty and benefit in creating sacred space for yourself; day or night.
The use of burning specific plants along with your intention can help facilitate a clear path for the energy that you desire to flow.  
We have three different plant bundles that can assist you to PURIFY and re-set the stage for you and your space.


Each bundle comes with a small raw selenite ice crystal to enhance harmony and tranquility.


While we can all benefit from the blessings and gifts of plants, we feel it is important to respect its origins of ceremony in various indigenous cultures.
4” length bundle
35 grams

    Palo Santo, also know as Holy Wood, is a sacred tool used throughout the ages in Central and South America.

    Traditionally, shamans would burn Palo Santo around a tribe member before ceremony to cleanse their being of any negative energy and protect them on their journey.

    In our modern age, the principle remains the same, with its aromatic blend of pine, cedar and citrus, burning Palo Santo is beneficial for relaxation, stress relief and emotional cleansing.

    Interestingly, Palo Santo can only be harvested after its natural life span and the wood must lay dormant and dry for at least three years. 

  • About Palo Santo

    9 Palo Santo Uses and Benefits

    Whether in incense or essential oil form, research suggests that palo santo benefits include:

    1. Concentrated Source of Antioxidants

    As a rich supply of antioxidants and phytochemicals called terpenes, palo santo oil is effective for combatting free radical damage (also called oxidative stress), relieving stomach aches, fighting stress, reducing pains due to arthritis and healing many other conditions.

    Particularly, it’s been gaining attention for being a natural cancer treatment for inflammatory diseases.

    An analysis of steam-distilled palo santo essential oil showed that the major active constituents include: limonene (89.33 percent), α-terpineol (11 percent), menthofuran (6.6 percent) and carvone (2 percent). Other beneficial compounds in smaller quantities include germacrene D, muurolene and pulegone.

    2. Detoxifier and Immune Enhancer

    Palo santo helps support the immune system and regulates inflammatory responses, such as those triggered by a poor diet, pollution, stress and illness.

    Limonene, the main active ingredient in palo santo, is a bioactive component found in high concentrations in certain plants, including citrus peels, that has well-researched anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects. In preclinical studies of mammary carcinogenesis and inflammation-related diseases, supplementing with limonene helps to fight inflammation, lower cytokines and protects the epithelial barrier of cells.

    In 2004, researchers from the University of Shizuoka School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Japan discovered several other key phytochemicals in palo santo oil that are capable of fighting cancerous cell mutation. These compounds showed remarkable inhibitory activity against human cancer and fibrosarcoma cells.

    Researchers observed biological activities including antineoplastic, antitumor, antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions against cell mutations and tumor growth. Triterpene lupeol compounds found in palo santo especially showed strong activity against lung, breast and colon cancer cells.

    3. De-Stressor and Relaxant

    Considered an oil that’s grounding and centering, both palo santo and frankincense oils are used for emotional and spiritual support since they work like natural anxiety remedies.

    Once inhaled, palo santo travels directly through the olfactory system (which controls our sense of smell) of the brain, where it helps turn on the body’s relaxation responses and reduces panic, anxiety and insomnia.

    To try smudging with palo santo, which is intended to improve the energy in your environment, you can burn a small amount of the wood in your home.

    Another option is apply several drops mixed with a carrier oil (such as coconut or jojoba oil) to your head, neck, chest or spine to help you unwind and fall asleep more easily. You can also combine palo santo with lavender oil, bergamot oil or frankincense oil for additional relaxation benefits.

    4. Headache Treatment

    Known to combat migraines and even stress-related headaches or bad moods, palo santo helps to lower inflammation and increase blood flow that can help turn off perceived pain.

    For a natural headache remedy and instant relief, dilute a few drops in water and dissolve the vapors with a diffuser whenever a headache strikes. Or try rubbing some palo santo mixed with coconut oil onto your temples and neck.

    5. Cold or Flu Treatment

    Palo santo is known to fight infections and viruses that can leave you with a cold or the flu. By improving blood circulation and recharging your energy levels, it can help you feel better faster and stop severity of feelings of dizziness, congestion and nausea.

    Apply a few drops on the chest at heart level or add some to your shower or bath to beat a cold or flu.

    6. Joint and Muscle Pain Reducer

    As a great way to naturally lower pain from arthritis, injuries, chronic neck or back pain, and sore muscles, apply several drops with a carrier oil three times a day directly