Plate RE1

Plate RE1



Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.25 x 0.5"

Weight: 212 grams / 0.46 lbs

From: Utah USA


    Plates ~

    Our natural Selenite Ice plates are perfect for cleansing other crystals, gemstones, jewelry, liquids and much more.

    Simply place them on one of our ice plates overnight to remove any stagnant energy and to return it to it's purest state once again.

    Plates are ideal for setting your phone on when not in use as they absorb toxic electromagnetic radiation and converts it into healthy negative ions which are then released back into your space  ~


    This genuine selenite ice crystal is sourced direct from our mines in Utah, hand picked, transported, river cleaned and loved all by Aaron K Metz.


    Selenite crystal is a 2 on the mohs scale which means it's softer than a fingernail and is fragile. 

    Use warm water on a cloth and gently wipe to clean.

    Selenite crystal loves moon and sun baths for optimal efficiency.

    Selenite will cleanse all other crystals when put in contact.