Dimensions: 4 cm | 1.5 inch

*thickness varies from 2-6mm

Black silicone tube lock cord: 45 cm | 18 inch


Handmade at Selenite Kingdom Mexico


    We at Selenite Kingdom love the simplicity of this necklace.

    The round cut of Selenite Ice beckons the magic of the full lit moon. Hanging on an 18” black silicone, tube lock cord, it perfectly sits above your heart, providing you with peace and protection.

    Selenite Ice is powerful and delicate at the same time with a hardiness of 2 on the mohs scale which means that is can scratch, so take care in wear.


    Selenite crystal is a 2 on the mohs scale which means it's softer than a fingernail and is fragile and must be handled with care.

    Use warm water on a cloth and gently wipe to clean.

    Selenite crystal loves sun and moon baths for optimal efficiency.

    Selenite is a master crystal which does not hold onto negative energy and will cleanse all other crystals when put in contact.

  • About gypsum crystal

    Gypsum crystal is a completely non-toxic single mineral crystal internally and externally to the body and our lab tests results show high levels of negative ion release in it's natural ambient state which is known to increase serotonin levels assisting in helping you feel relaxed and at ease.

    The amount of health, wellness and environmental benefits of this mineral are bountiful.

    Search "gypsum benefits" and "negative ion benefits"