Diamond Ice S6

Diamond Ice S6



Dimensions: 8.25 x 2.5 x 1"

Weight: 543 grams / 1.19 lbs

From: Jalisco Mexico


    Diamond Ice ~

    Less than 3% of all Selenite on the planet is Diamond Ice quality. It is 100% pure selenite crystal that showcases natural cleavage, striations and optical prisms.

    Diamond Ice radiates pure light and acts as the ultimate natural cleanser for your space and amplifies your higher self connection.

    Diamond Ice Selenite is food-grade which makes it a beneficial ingredient for the cosmetic industry. Diamond Ice powder has many natural benefits to the body and is available in a bath powder and clarifying face mist ~


    This genuine selenite ice crystal is sourced direct from our mine in Jalisco Mexico, hand picked, transported, river cleaned and loved all by Aaron K Metz.


    Selenite crystal is a 2 on the mohs scale which means it's softer than a fingernail and is fragile and must be handled with care.

    Use warm water on a cloth and gently wipe to clean.

    Selenite crystal loves sun and moon baths for optimal efficiency.

    Selenite is a master crystal which does not hold onto negative energy and will cleanse all other crystals when put in contact.