​We specialize in gypsum crystal known also as “Selenite Ice".

We personally source, transport, river clean, sun and moon bath our selenite respectfully, responsibly and legally from our main private site in Mexico, and partner sites in USA and Morocco.



WE BELIEVE, in the incredible healthy benefits of being in the presence of selenite.

WE DESIRE, for everyone to have a selenite cleansed kingdom; be it within the body and within the home. Create sanctuary for yourself with our Selenite Ice.

WE STRIVE, to provide you with high-quality standard in both product and customer service.

WE LOVE, that you came to visit us because we love what we do and we want to share it with you.


Our high quality selenite gypsum crystal is considered some of the very best found anywhere in the world.


Our Selenite Ice is up to 100% pure gypsum crystal, translucent to transparent and looks much like pure natural glass with a little texture. It is a very soft crystal and scratches easy, but also cleans amazingly well with water.

Thanks to its slow solubility in water, we clean our selenite in a clear-flowing fresh water river in BC Canada for a few days (we call this area, "The Nursery"), and it comes out naturally "river polished" which is better than any other method.


It is non-toxic, and is even so safe and essential that it is used in food, agriculture, body and wellness products.